About Dr. Bautista

Dr. Manuel Bautista is an accomplished professional who has about 20 years of experience in dentistry. After graduating from the Pontifical Xavierian University’s Dental School in the early 1990s, Dr. Bautista was invited to become part of the institution’s Faculty of Dentistry.
At the same time as he was passing on his expertise to numerous students, he opened his own dental clinic in Bogotá in collaboration with a partner.


For a total of seven years, not only did he combine teaching with clinical practice, but he also pursued advanced post-doctoral education in the field of oral rehabilitation, which pertains to the diagnosis, restoration and maintenance of oral function, health, comfort and appearance of the patient through restoration or replacement of teeth and tissues.

In 2001, he and his wife decided to immigrate and found Canada to be their preferred destination. After settling down in Toronto, Dr. Bautista quickly started working in a dental laboratory before joining a one-year program in Health Management Services at Ryerson University. Upon graduation, his dynamism, skills and willingness to explore other fields of dentistry rapidly brought him to work as manager for the technical division at Ivoclar Vivadent, a leading company in research and development of dental technologies.

Through this position which brought him to travel across Canada and the United States in order to demonstrate the nuts and bolts of dental technology, Dr. Bautista established solid contacts in the industry. After four successful years at Ivoclar Vivadent, Dr. Bautista felt ready to go back to clinical dentistry. Therefore, he took the necessary exams and was admitted to the Ordre des dentistes du Québec. In 2007, Dr. Bautista and his family moved to Montreal, where he immediately undertook a nine-month, full-time French immersion program while working in dental offices.

The Clinic

When he opened his own clinic in downtown Montreal in 2008, Dr. Bautista had one very precise goal in mind: providing his patients with the finest, most personalized service and using the latest technology available to diagnose and treat dental diseases. Years later, Dr. Bautista still values this philosophy and makes it an everyday commitment. He feels a genuine sense of duty with respect to the quality of the health services his clinic delivers to every single patient: Dr. Bautista and his team work relentlessly to demonstrate it down to the smallest detail.

Dr. Bautista is member of different associations such as Ordre des dentistes du Québec, Association des Chirurgiens Dentistes du Québec, Société dentaire de Montréal, International Team of Implantology, Spear, Toronto Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Canadian Dental Association, among others.

Our Staff

Catalina Moreno – Office Manager

My 15 years working in the finance area allowed me to acquire all the professional skills I needed to manage our dental clinic in an extremely organized way, so that every day runs smoothly for our staff and our patients. I am always looking for new and interesting ideas to bring to our patients an extremely positive experience with us.

Vanessa Matheus – Patient Coordinator

One of the reasons I chose my profession was to ensure that visits to the Dental office become a positive experience. This is why it is my daily mission to create a relaxed and comfortable environment for our patients. I am inspired to further my professional life through a kind, gentle, and informative approach. My fluency in French, English and Spanish as well as my professional degree in Dentistry, enable me to achieve the highest level of communication with our patients, which ultimately translate in trust and outstanding dental service.

Erika Sanchez – Patient Coordinator

I have been working in the dental field for over 6 years, and became a part of the Dr. Manuel Bautista clinic in 2015.  Prior to joining the team, I worked as a Human Resources Management Specialist for more than 10 years. My positive attitude and enthusiasm for dentistry exemplifies the exceptional and professional services we provide. I strive for excellence in customer relations and in providing a comfortable dental experience. I constantly continue to advance my knowledge in the latest dentistry innovations through numerous educational courses. My fluency in multiple languages, including: French, English, Spanish and Italian, also helps to enhance the client’s customer experience.

Shana Meo – Dental Care Specialist

One of the first things I notice on someone is their smile. This is what led me to become a Registered Dental Hygienist. Having graduated from John Abbott College in 2007, my degree enables me to work closely with people and make a difference with their oral health. For most going to the dentist is not an enjoyable experience. My goal is to turn that around into a positive and pain free experience! I love to see everyone come and go with a smile!

Dr Bautista has proven to be a great mentor. His motivation, drive and positive energy pushes me to do my very best in offering the best care possible. You will also definitely share many laughs with him! Working with the latest in technology and amazing staff members, makes it a pleasure to come to work!

Marleni Merlos – Dental Assistant 

I have been a dental assistant for the past 8 years and it was the best decision I have ever took. Being a dental assistant gives me the opportunity of participating shoulder to shoulder with the dentist on different dental procedures.  However what I enjoy the most is to make my patients to feel comfortable and relax on the dental chair. With my sense of humor and my three fluent languages, this task become so easy.

I make sure my patients understand the procedures, materials, benefits and downsides of treatments.

I wake up every morning with a big smile on my face because I know I am going to see my team and work together to do our best to improve the oral health of our patients.

Our clinic has a new
name and location.

We can now be reached at

Nuo Centre Dentaire
2121 rue Crescent, office 300
Montreal QC
H3G 2C1
514 861 6106