3 benefits of root planing for oral health

Child in the dental chair dental treatment during surgery.
21 Nov 2017

While gum disease can lead to a range of oral health problems, today’s dentists have more tools at their disposal than ever before to help patients combat this common problem — and few preventative techniques are more effective than root planing.

Root planing is generally used when gum disease has caused pockets to form between the gums and the teeth due to the accumulation of plaque, bacteria and tartar buildup. Because these infected pockets are located below the gum line in areas that you at home are unable to reach with normal brushing and flossing techniques. This in turn can result in the destruction of bone, the anchor in which the teeth are held in place. This is called periodontal disease and it is irreversible.  

Root planing is the most effective way remove tartar and other buildup that has accumulated below the gums. Water and suction tools wash out and remove this debris. While the root planing may sound scary, it can be completed with the use of numbing agents which eliminates any discomfort to the patient.

Most important, however, are the benefits that come from taking care of this necessary procedure. The following are just a few of the ways that root planing can improve your oral health:

  • Stopping Gum Disease

Root planing is a highly effective method of stopping gum disease and further destruction of bone. Among the many issues that root planing can address are red and swollen gums, or tender and bleeding gums that make it painful to brush or floss. While you will need to maintain good home care habits and more frequent visits to your dentist to continue to keep the problem from returning, root planing is a great solution for getting the health of your gums back on track.

  • Preventing Tooth Decay and Tooth Loss

Don’t be fooled by gum disease as most often you may not feel a single thing. It can go undetected for many years if you’re not followed by a professional. You will begin to notice symptoms when it’s at an advanced stage. Gum disease can have a significant impact on your teeth, causing you to experience toothaches, loose teeth, and even tooth loss. In advanced cases, pockets of bacteria trapped beneath the gums will affect the roots and jaw bone, further compromising the health and stability of your teeth. By getting a root planing treatment, you will protect your teeth and gums from these oral health issues.

  • Better Breath and a Brighter Smile!

As important as it is to stop gum disease and tooth decay, some of the most noticeable benefits of root planing are more cosmetic in nature. For one thing, stopping gum disease will ensure that your gums are a nice pink color with no inflammation and your teeth can maintain a white, healthy appearance so you can smile with confidence.


Perhaps even more important than a healthy-looking smile is the elimination of bad breath that is so commonly a side effect of gum disease. By completing a root planing treatment, chronic bad breath will no longer plague your conversations. This doesn’t mean you’ll never need a breath mint, but it will make it much easier for you to make a good impression when meeting new people!