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Located in the heart of Downtown Montreal, our clinic is exceptionally located for convenient access from your work or home. 1260 Crescent Street

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Dentist in Downtown Montreal

Request your appointment now! We welcome new patients.

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How to Remove Deposits from Teeth at Home?

Anyone who has been to a dentist’s office knows that one of the most time-consuming parts of their visit is the removal of calcium deposits. As food and other materials get stuck to your teeth, they form sticky deposits of bacteria, also known as plaque. If the plaque isn’t removed in a timely manner, these deposits will harden into calculus or tartar, which greatly increases […]

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Why Choose Dental Composite Over Amalgam?

Historically, when someone had a cavity, they would get an amalgam filling as part of their treatment. Sometimes known as “silver fillings” due to their distinct coloration, amalgams actually contained a mix of silver, copper, and tin, bound together by mercury. Interestingly, the combination of mercury with the other minerals would render it essentially harmless. While amalgams have been used for decades, in recent years, […]

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Dental technology: what are the different uses of 3D ?

While some things may have stayed more or less the same over the years, there are other areas where dental technology has made significant advances, allowing your dentist to provide better service than ever. So where have the biggest changes occurred? Rather than using X-rays, an increasing number of dentists are turning to 3D imaging technology to better diagnose and treat dental health issues. What […]